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Extended Date of the Abstract:

August 10, 2019

Letter of Acceptance:

August 15, 2019

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October 17-19, 2019

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Topic A: Low Impact Development (LID) and Sponge City Applications

Session A1: Monitoring and Evaluation on Sponge City Practices

Session A2: Local Adaptation and Optimization of Sponge City Applications

Session A3: Rainwater Reutilization

Session A4: Urban Runoff Pollution Control

Session A5: Ecological Restoration of Urban Rivers/Lakes/Ponds

Topic B: Condition Assessment and Modernization of Urban Drainage System

Session B1: Monitoring Techniques and Condition Assessment on Urban Drainage System

Session B2: Transient Flow and Air-water Flow in Sewer System

Session B3: Solids Movement in Sewers

Session B4: Pollution Mitigation for Urban Drainage System

Session B5: Design and Operation Optimization of Urban Drainage System

Topic C: Climate Adaption for Resilient Urban Water Infrastructure

Session C1: Climate Modeling and Changing Environment

Session C2: Evaluation on Resilience of Urban Water Infrastructure

Session C3: Planning and Design of Resilient Urban Water Infrastructure

Session C4: Adaptive Design and Risk Management

Topic D: Emerging topics such as smart water management, big data, etc. in the applications of urban            drainage

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