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August 10, 2019

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August 15, 2019

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October 17-19, 2019

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Speaker Title

Hao Wang

 (王浩院士,China IWHR)

Research on Key Technologies of Urban Intelligent Drainage

Zhiguo Yuan

(The University of Queensland)

Corrosion and Odour Management in Sewers: Latest Development and Perspectives

Guohe Huang

(University of Regina)

Development of Long-Term Flood Maps in the Prairie Provinces

Edward A. McBean

(University of Guelph)

Sponge City: Recognizing the Needs for Future Directions

Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski

(University of Lyon, INSA Lyon)

Integrated Urban Stormwater Management: a Multidisciplinary Perspective

Bryan Karney

(University of Toronto)

Design and Performance Challenges in Urban Drainage Evaluation and Operation

Mohamed S. Ghidaoui

(The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)

Time Reversal of Waves and Defect Detection in Underground Water Infrastructure

Han-chang Shi

(Tsinghua University)

The Development and Practice of Smart Water in China

Haifeng Jia

(Tsinghua University)

Green-Grey-Blue Coupling System Optimization in Sponge City Construction

Fangbiao Lin

(Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., USA)

Hydraulic Modeling and Design of Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps

Michael Wang

(Hazen and Sawyer, USA)

With or Without-Case Studies Utilizing Air Valves to Mitigate Transients

Linmei Nie

(Centre for Sustainable Development and Innovation, CSDI WaterTech, Oslo, Norway)

The Role of Green Roofs and Facades in Developing Green Oslo and Adaptation to Urbanization and Climate Change Impacts

Yee-chung Jin

(University of Regina)

Using Mesh-free Modeling Technique in Open Channels Flow Simulation

Chyan-Deng Jan

(National Cheng-Kung University)

A Simple GIS-Based Model for Quick Urban Flood-Mapping and Disaster Assessment by Inundation point Data

Law Wing Keung, Adrian

(Nanyang Technological University)

Physical and CFD Modelling for Hydraulic Design and Performance Assessment of Urban Drainage Systems

Ben R. Hodges

(University of Texas at Austin)

New Algorithms for Stormwater Modeling Hydraulics

Jose G. Vasconcelos

(Auburn University)

Rapid Filling of Stormwater Systems: towards a Better Understanding of Air-Water Flow Interactions and Complex Geometries

Jin Li

(University of Wisconsin)

The Use of Canary Event Detection Software for Urban Water Quality Analysis

Bert van Duin

(City of Calgary Water Resources)

Building More Resilient Communities

Simon Tait

University of Sheffield)

The Importance of Effective Sediment Management in Urban Drainage Systems

Jeanne Jinhui Huang

(Nankai University)

Optimization of Low Impact Development in Urban Watershed for Sponge City Development

Dave H. Chan

(University of Alberta)

Mechanics of Sand Flow through Openings in Defective Sewer Pipes

Yiping Guo

(McMaster University)

Performance Examination of Infiltration Type Low-Impact Development Practices

Yaqian Zhao

(Xi'an University of Technology)

Conceptual Misunderstanding of Constructed Wetland Technology in China

Tianyu Long

(Chongqing University)

Simulation of Adsorbed Nitrogen and Phosphorus Load in Mountainous Watershed based on Improved SWAT Model

Tong Yu

(University of Alberta)

Bioretention for Stormwater Management-Expanding the Boundaries

Tingchao Yu

(Zhejiang University)

Experimental Observation on Factors Affecting Intrusion Volumes during Low or

Negative Pressure Events

Songda Zhang

(Ningbo River Management Center)

A Comprehensive Technology Introduction of Sediment Control under Tidal River Sluice


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